Boho Chic Bedroom Refresh for Under $200.00!

We all want to "refresh" our spaces regularly. 
Especially those of us with kids. 
They grow so quickly and so does thier taste! 

I quickly put together a affordable boho chic bedroom refresh! I see this design working for a college student, pre-teen, teenager, or even in a nursery! 

I picture this space with no headboard, crisp white walls, and tropical plants everywhere!

1. Gum ball Sconce: $34.00
2. Coral Shelf: $29.00
3. Fringe Pillow: 22.00
5. Navy Rug: $50.00
6. Basket: $31.00

Total: $195.00

Shopping sales and thrifty places can really stretch your dollar! Pretty amazing what you can get for under $200.00!


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Tufted Sofa on SALE for $499.00!

Ok, the Kendall Fog Sofa from World Market is just a good deal.
It's got great lines, lots of character and the price of $699.00 is hard to beat!

It does go on sale but it sells out fast!

But guess what my friends, it is currently on sale for $499.00 plus FREE SHIPPING!

And it is in stock.
It isn't huge, but works great in smaller rooms. Like mine. And I need it. Right?


The sofa sold out quick, such a bummer! Hopefully it will be back soon.
In the meantime, this NEW tufted chair that I have been waiting to come in stock online is available! $299.00 and how cute is it?

You could get the free shipping too!

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Chic & Affordable Master Bedroom Design!

I have been working on LOTS of e-designs lately and I can't wait to share them all with you.
But first, I put together a chic & affordable master bedroom design for you all!

Designing on a tight budget is my favorite thing to do (weird right?) but the idea of creating a beautiful space on a dime just gets my heart-a-beating!

This you can purchase everything on this board for $856.00!

Headboard (queen): $240.00 or (or here for a king)
Lamp: $50.00 x 2 = $100.00
Lamp Shade: $20.00 x 2 = $40.00
Side Table: $84.00 x 2 = $168.00
Pillow: 72.00
Duvet: $54.00
Bench: $100.00
Throw: $35.00
Basket: $27.00
Vase: $20.00

Total: $856.00

I would say that is a pretty good deal for a bedroom!


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Affordable Vintage Kilims!

Hey there, I am back! Wow, that was quite a break.
I am excited to be back at blogging and sharing my favorite finds again. I am also in the middle of a blog design overhaul, so things are about to get much prettier around here.
One thing that hasn't changed is that annoying tight home decor budget I have! 
So instead of dreaming of large vintage kilim rugs for my family room, I've decided to scale things back a little and set my heart on a much smaller and more affordable option!  
These 9 options have me drooling. From runners to little entry rugs, I think one of them could hold me over until the money tree starts producing... :)

1. 55" x 118": $375.00
2. 40" x 59": $157.00
3. 30" x 51": $155.00
4. 36" x 57": $155.00
5. 31" x 137": $362.00
6. 28" x 48": $145.00
7. 30" x 50": $250.00
8. 30" x 44":  $64.00
9. 48" x 88": $394.00

Have you splurged on one yet, or are you starting to think smaller like me?



Under $2000 Living Room Design!

I am head over heels for the new Nate Berkus Home Decor line!
Because making mood boards is my jam, I thought I would put two together to help you invasion using some (or all) of his new line in your home!

You can snag this entire room from Target & Ikea! It's like an affordable dream team. The total cost is  only $1,940! What a steal for an entire room!

Tassel Pillow: $24.99
Peach Pillow: $24.99
Blue Throw: $29.99
Pouf: $59.99
Gold Bowl: $15.00
Pink Shade: $25.00
White Lamp: $50.00
Pink Table: $59.99
Globe Light: $60.00
Wicker Chair: $59.00
Gray Chair: $199.00
Black Lamp: $99.00
Sofa: $899.00
Coffee Table: $89.00
Rug: $199.00

Total :$1940.00

Of if you wanted a less graphic rug, I kinda love this lighter shag rug too!

I really don't want my favorite pieces to sell out, so I must get shopping!



12 Week Challenge...Who Is With Me?

To kick of the New Year I always make a few resolutions. Many are business and design focus, but I also can't help but have a few that are health related too.
Last year my sister Chelsey participated in Burn Fitness' 12 Week Challenge and it completely changed her life. Not only were her results fantastic, but after the 12 weeks were up she just couldn't stop.

Chelsey is 31 and a busy mom of 4. Her kids are 8,6,3, and 1. She started struggling with weight gain in high school and spent the last 15 years doing her best to stay healthy. I have watched her struggle with years of weight gain and loss and couldn't be more proud of her new found success.

The Burn Fitness 12 Week Challenge provided her daily dinner recipes (for all 12 weeks), grocery lists, video workouts, and support groups all created by a certified trainer. Now that I have seen how much she loves her new lifestyle (and body...I don't blame her!), I am jumping on board.

I thought it would be fun to do a quick Q & A and have her answer a few questions for us!

What was the biggest change you made:

The biggest change I made was my diet. At first the idea of cutting out all gluten and dairy scared me and I was unsure I would be able to stick to my new diet. However, by relying on the meal plans and grocery list provided by the challenge I was able to strictly adhere to the diet which enabled me to see results very quickly.

What was the most difficult thing about your new lifestyle?

The first few weeks of the challenge were difficult as I navigated through my new diet. I found myself reading food labels and really thinking about what foods I was purchasing and putting in my body. I also found myself standing in the isles of natural food stores and feeling completely lost. However. I stuck to the 'rules' laid out for me and slowly my new routine felt more natural.

Did you enjoy the food?

I believe the reason I was able to stick with the challenge and my new lifestyle was because the food was delicious. I had no idea I could east so healthy and still have it taste so good. I was excited to try the new meals and often surprised and always very pleased with how they tasted! Once the challenge ended I still went back and cooked meals for my family from the challenge.

How do you deal with cravings?
I still get cravings and I am sure I always will! I deal with my cravings by finding healthy foods that I really love to eat. I think by eating tasty and healthy foods on a regular basis I am able to cut back on my cravings. I also treat myself to my favorite meal once a week (usually on the weekends). For me that is usually a burger and fries! By planning my 'cheat meal' and knowing that it is coming makes it easier to stick with my diet throughout the week. 

What do you love about your new lifestyle?

My new lifestyle has given me a great boost of confidence. It has taught me the importance of eating a clean diet to feel and look my best. It has also taught me how to efficiently workout to achieve and maintain the results I was looking for in the beginning. I love how the challenge has made me more aware of my body and what I use to fuel it each day and I love that it gave me the framework for a lifestyle that I have been able to maintain or nearly a year now.
The challenge starts on January 12th and is $175.00. I think that is a great deal for 3 months of recipes and grocery lists alone! I also love that they offer live Facebook group chats and video workouts too.
In order to register for the Burn Fitness 12 Week Challenge you can email Heather at Burnfitness@shaw.ca! I sure hope you join me, this will be so fun! If not, wish me luck!
Also, a big thanks to my sister for letting me share such personal photos. We all know it isn't easy doing so, she really is the best! And three cheers to her!



Urban Outfitters Home Sale Alert!

I have been patiently waiting for the sale items to go on sale at UO
And they did! 25% off all sale items. You know what that means? GREAT deals!

The prices (and style) of all these pieces I selected are too good not to get them!

Locust Dyed-Stripe Duvet $89.00 $37.50

Magical Thinking Diamond Duvet (twin) $59.00 $22.50

Plum & Bow Mirror $79.00 $22.50

Mercury Glass Lamp $69.00 $33.75

Magical Thinking Headboard $429.00 $149.00

That headboard could sing me to sleep, I am sure of it!


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Percale Duvet Clearance!

I love this time of year because major bargains are out there! I promise after the holidays I will get back to posting something other than sales, but for now, this is just too much fun!
If you have been looking for a classic duvet set, this set on clearance at JC Penney is a great deal! I love this look too. Toss a patterned lumbar on there and it would be super cute.

Duvet, bedskirt, and 4 pillow is originally $525.00 but you can snag it for $224.00! You can also buy each piece separately

Don't forget to use the coupon code SNOWFALL to get the additional 25% off (oh and free shipping too!).

Just to give you a little comparison, a very similar set at Pottery Barn (on sale) is $425.00! (Oops, I put two bedskirt in my cart!)

I really really want to buy it, I should just do it right?


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Perfect Kids Space Drapery Panels on Clearance!

I stumbled across these drapery panels on clearance a few nights ago and just had to share!
You may think these look super similar to Serena & Lily's tassel trim panels (which they do) but they are actually from Pier 1 Imports!

You can grab the black tassel trim panels for $19-$29.00/panel depending on the length.

Yellow Tassel Trim in 96" length are $25.00/panel! Sure beats the $96.00/panel at Serena & Lily!

I also kinda love these elephant stamped curtains for only $15.00 for 96" length. They are whimsical and would be so fun in a kids space!

So if you are looking for something fun playful curtains, these prices are great!


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Upholstered Headboards Under $200.00!

There are some killer headboards on sale right now and Amazon has 6 that I wouldn't mind owning.  With price tags like these + Free Shipping, it really is a win win!

Curl Nailhead Upholstered Headboard $250.00 $153.00
Turquoise Nailhead Headboard: $263.00 $149.00
Theodore Headboard: $240.00 $161.00
Lily Headboard: $196.00 $126.00
Annabel Headboard: $268.00 $167.00
Lexmod Headboard: $312.00 $187.00

I have always owned a DIY headboard, but anything under $200.00 seems very tempting, don't you think?


disclaimer: affiliate links are used in this post

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